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Sync Your Online & Physical Stores

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Manage your inventory, sales, orders, customers, and more, all from your POS. 

Oliver POS stays synced to your WooCommerce store automatically.

Made with Touch in Mind

Oliver POS is the best point of sale for Mac, Android, or PC. We’re designed to work with the devices you already own, so no matter what you’re working with, we’ve got you covered. Our user friendly POS software supports touch, mouse and keyboard entry. For retail stores with barcoded products, we support barcode scanners for quick checkout. 

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Wherever You Go

Our POS is a cloud-based system, and fully compatible with Mobile Devices through any browser. With our responsive WooCommerce POS system, you can complete checkouts from anywhere all while fully connected to your WooCommerce store. 

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Accept Payments Your Way With Oliver POS

Make the transaction process simple by connecting your Payment Terminal with your POS.  We integrate with multiple credit card processors to provide security and ease at the point of sale.  

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What our customers say...

See what our customers have to say.  We’re new on the block, so every review matters.

We literally couldn’t do our client’s business model on any other POS system. We considered them partners rather than just a service provider. Oliver POS has provided us genius-level custom solutions for a very complex project. Feature requests are resolved extremely fast. Support is amazing. And best of all, they use the WordPress/Woocommerce system so Oliver POS was naturally able to take advantage of the rest of our infrastructure. This allowed us to keep all of our code and business rules centralized within WordPress.
Mitchell Sholly
True Diamond Science
The team at Oliver are excellent to deal with and have always been open to ideas and finding solutions. Looking forward to where this goes as it just works as you would expect it to and leaves your data in your database and syncs to to there! Super happy with my decision to go with Oliver.
Luke Marshall
Owner, County Vape
I have been absolutely thrilled with Oliver POS. It is an excellent solution for my business. Their sales and support staff are extremely responsive. Minor issues or questions are promptly resolved. The system itself works great to provide me with the in-house point of sale I need linked in with my online sales system. Great company, great product!
Sarah Dauro
This in an excellent POS plugin. Like any plug-in it has had a few bugs. Some are conflicts with other plug-ins (we are all familiar with that) but the ones are not are dealt with swiftly and with excellent customer service. I have not had better customer service than with the folks at Oliver POS. I would definitely recommend this plugin if you are looking for a quick and easy front end POS that integrates seamlessly with your WOOCOMMERCE online store.
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Built for Developers

We’re Developers ourselves, so we wanted to build something that would work with and for Developers.  We use an Open Source mindset and codebase so Developers can integrate Oliver POS with what they’ve built, or installed on clients sites.  With Oliver Apps, anything is possible.

Hello Hardware

Ready to sell? Oliver’s Hardware is unique, smart and sophisticated. All come with a built-in receipt printer. We have the best WooCommerce POS Hardware for any type of sales location;  Pop-up Shops, Mobile Shops or Brick and Mortar, we can do it all.

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