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Oliver POS is a WooCommerce point of sale software that’s simple, smart and easy to use. With one database and one platform, Oliver POS is the perfect integrated point of sale solution for your WooCommerce shop.  Selling your products has never been easier. 

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Our Story

It all started with a shop owner, just like you. With both an online store and a physical store, founder and CEO Mathias Nielsen faced the limitations of the POS systems on the market. No POS had the adaptability he needed or the ability to integrate his online and physical store fully. So, he invented his own solution. Oliver POS’s very first shop was our own. Nielsen’s software was so intuitive and efficient, and he decided to share it with the rest of the retail industry.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize the future of the POS industry. At Oliver POS, we understand the potential of Point of Sale software, and all that it can accomplish for shopowners and customers alike. Our goal is to raise it to the next level and provide shopowners with the freedom and convenience to run their unique shop successfully. With its endless possibilities for customization, we strive to make Oliver POS the most versatile and accomodating POS on the market.

Our Team

Since 2018, the Oliver POS team has steadily expanded. Although we are still small, we are constantly growing and improving. Our team of hardworking and dedicated individuals is devoted to changing the world, and together, we strive to make our vision come true. 

Global Impact

Our home is St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, a small island on the East Coast of Canada.  However, as of March 2020, Oliver POS has powered retail shops in 77 different countries. We may be small, but our reach is universal. Available in 6 languages and even more to come, Oliver POS is for anyone, anywhere.

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