Add endless features to your retail POS with Oliver Apps

Adaptability is at the heart of everything we do — and apps will give your small business the flexibility it needs. 

Customize your POS system

Our App store will allow you to customize a point-of-sale experience from start to finish. 

the Oliver app store

Oliver’s App Marketplace, coming soon    

Coming soon to your Oliver Hub, our App Store will allow you to install apps into your point of sale to suit the needs of your small business — so you can sell more, and sell better. 

  • Use page builders, or whichever plugins you need.
  • Customize your POS screen for customers and cashiers
  • No coding skills required!

Build your own apps

Whether you’re a developer or you want to use a block builder, Oliver POS’s App Store allows you to build your own custom apps. We work with the world's best WordPress page-builder plugins, to bring you a simple and easy-to-use open source app-building platform directly in our point of sale system.
shoe store customizable product tiles

Open source software

Our open-source software means you can create apps with any coding language, not just PHP. What this means for your business: a completely customized checkout experience, from start to finish.

Endless possibilities

Soon, integrate with countless Apps to give your POS endless features. Our cloud-based POS will is available on iOS, Android, and any browser-enabled device. Manage your business your way with Oliver POS.

Software that changes to fit your retail business, not the other way around

Want to prioritize learning about your customers? Integrate with tools like contact forms or rewards programs on the checkout page. Need a better solution for managing your shop? Integrate with your favourite management Apps to add shipment tracking, marketing capabilities, and built-in accounting tools. Improve your store management and sell smarter with our groundbreaking Apps.

For agencies and developers

If you’re an agency, you can take advantage of our App Store by designing your client’s website and their custom POS workflow. Oliver POS is the perfect tool for eCommerce website developers and marketing agencies.
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The convenience of Apps


Integrate with countless apps to customize every step of the checkout process


Oliver is currently empowering business owners in 90+ countries.

Sell smarter

Oliver is currently empowering business owners in 90+ countries.

Any coding language

Build apps in any language, not just PHP


Affordable price point for small businesses

App selection

Take advantage of pre-built apps, or build your own

Support you can count on

Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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Try the Oliver POS register for yourself

Sign up for a free Oliver account and try our flexible POS register now.
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  • Connect Oliver POS to your store at any time
  • No credit card required
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