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Oliver Apps are just like the apps on your smartphone. Install all of your favorite apps into your point of sale to optimize functionality and customize to suit the needs of your shop. Oliver Apps help you sell more, and sell better.

Know your Customers.

Leave your customers with an experience they’ll never forget. With Oliver Apps, integrate with tools that help you understand who your customers are and what they really wantKeep track of your customers like never before, by integrating contact forms or rewards programs on the checkout page. 

Master Management.

Integrate with your favourite management Apps, and take full control over your shop. Customer management tools, shipment tracking tools, marketing tools, accounting tools- you name it. You can integrate it. Know everything, control everything – it’s better than magic.

Can’t find the right App?

How about building an App that suits your needs just the way you want?

Oliver POS’ open source platform allows for custom development, so you can build your own Apps. What will you build?

Endless Possibilities.

With Oliver Apps, the sky’s the limit. Integrate with countless Apps to give your POS all the features to help you sell like never before.

Oliver POS Certified Developers.

Developing something for your client? Got an idea for an App? Let us know! If you build something cool for Oliver POS, you can become a Certified Developer and sell the App you build in the Oliver POS App Marketplace.

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