QreuzCON #11: State of WooCommerce

1 min read
QreuzCON continues unabated! Meeting for yet another session on State of WooCommerce series, we’ll be tackling the future of payments, sales automation, and communicating your value to your customers in a way they actually care about.

Stunning Digital Marketing: Talking Oliver POS

1 min read
In This Episode Rob Cairns talks to founder Mattias Nielsen about his product Oliver POS for Woo. Show Higlights: What is Oliver POS. How does Oliver POS work with Woo. How to I find Oliver POS. How does payment processing work with Oliver POS. How does Oliver POS work. Sit back, relax and enjoy the […]

Tech Companies Oliver POS and PressHero Team Up to Simplify the WooCommerce User Experience

2 min read
September 17, 2021. Tech Companies Oliver POS and PressHero Team Up to Simplify the WooCommerce User Experience Oliver POS and PressHero are excited to announce the launch of their joint partnership. Both companies, located in Canada, have teamed up to offer WooCommerce services. A tech startup based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Oliver POS is a […]

Oliver POS – Your WooCommerce store, now available in-store

2 min read
We talked to Mathias Nielsen of Oliver POS about the software to carry out all the WooCommerce store and POS functions of small and medium sized enterprises, and he had the following to say: Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Oliver POS. Mathias Nielsen: The story of Oliver POS began when I, Mathias […]

Best WooCommerce POS plugins for 2020 by WooSpecialist

3 min read
A WooCommerce POS, or Point of Sale, plugin adds the ability to manage single or multiple retail stores via your online WooCommerce store. Say goodbye to managing multiple systems for your on- and offline store and make your online business more profitable by integrating a Point Of Sale plugin for WooCommerce. Table of ContentsWhat is […]

Startup Names Are Still Getting Less Silly

4 min read
Every year or so, Crunchbase News likes to take a look at what’s hot in startup naming. The process involves reading names of over 1,000 recently founded and funded startups in English-speaking countries, looking for trends.* We then get a naming expert’s take on the situation. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily Last time we did this, […]

Propel Pitch Contest for Pre-Revenue Startups

1 min read
Fearing the pandemic may be deterring entrepreneurs from founding companies, the regional tech accelerator Propel has announced a new pitch contest that will award $10,000 in cash to a pre-revenue startup. The Startup Summer Showdown’s winning company will also receive in-kind services that Propel said in a statement are worth about $40,000. These include coaching services, free advertising […]

Oliver POS Taps European Angels for $3.2M

2 min read
St. John’s-based Oliver POS, which offers digital payment solutions to retailers, has raised $3.2 million from European angels, an impressive seed round for a company that is only two years old. The company has developed a Software-as-a-Service product that enhances retailers’ point-of-sale, or POS, capabilities. Its sales – which now extend into 70 countries – have surged […]

Oliver POS closes seed round

1 min read
Oliver POS, a startup in digital payments headquartered in Newfoundland, Canada, has raised a 3.2M CAD seed round from European investors, as it takes aim at the surge in merchant technology digitalization amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to Startup Genome, the median seed investment in Atlantic Canada is 674K USD. Oliver POS’ significant investment […]

Getting Started with Oliver POS Woocommerce Tutorial

3 min read
Getting Started with Oliver POS Woocommerce TutorialAre you planning to add Oliver POS Woocommerce plugins to your WordPress website ? We decided to write a setup guide on Oliver Pos Plugins. You can easily integrate it into your eCommerce website To your product via your shop . Its sync your online store inventory with your […]

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