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How small businesses can compete with big brands

4 min read
As a small business, it can be a challenge to compete with all the big brands. In many ways, they have the advantage when it comes to convenience, familiarity, and pricing. They have the resources to make more convenient and affordable experiences for their customers.  Customers might choose to go for a large business because […]

A guide to payment processing for retailers

Of course, the downside is that payment processing will cost you. Some small businesses opt to stay away from accepting cards for this reason – however, your profits from card payments will surely compensate for your payment processing costs as long as you know what to look for. Let’s start simple. What exactly is a […]

WordPress Vs Squarespace

7 min read
If you’re thinking about launching a website, the first order of business is to decide which website builder to base your site. WordPress and Squarespace are two of the most popular site builders, and both for different reasons. Let’s take a look at WordPress vs Squarespace and the core differences between each site builder. You […]

Why Should eCommerce Stores Care About Social Selling?

3 min read
As more people spend time online, many Canadians turned to social media not just for entertainment but also for commerce. In fact, surveys showed that 94% of adults are on at least one social media platform, and 47% have shopped via these mediums which is why social selling is so important. Considering social media’s continued […]

The benefits of using WooCommerce for your restaurant

5 min read
The pandemic has forced restaurants around the globe to adapt to a different way of doing business. Online ordering systems, delivery, and curbside pickup have been lifesavers for millions of businesses, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change even as businesses open their doors to the public. Here are the benefits of using […]

5 reasons to take your store online

2 min read
In some cases, it may cost you nothing at all. Or at least, very little. Especially if you’re using a platform like WooCommerce, which is a free plugin for WordPress. A WooCommerce site can cost you very little, especially if you’re willing to put the work in yourself or if you have any web development […]

Best WooCommerce Themes for Your Online Store

One of the perks of WooCommerce is its endless possibilities for customization. However, with that comes its own problems – the endless possibilities you have to choose from.  Customizing your own online store can be headache, so we’ll make it a little easier on you and help you pick the best WooCommerce theme. There are […]

4 Social Media Tips to Increase Sales

3 min read
If you’re running an online store, social media is a valuable tool to help expand your business. If you’re not yet selling online, but are planning to, check out our guides to omnichannel retail and starting your first online store. Let’s dive deep into what social media tips you can use to your benefit. According […]

The 4 best eCommerce platforms for small businesses

4 min read
Thinking about starting an online store? Well, one of your first steps is figuring out the best eCommerce platforms and which one to go with. Starting your own online store can be overwhelming – luckily we have a guide for that – but we’re here to help you determine which eCommerce platform is the best […]

5 ways to cut costs for shop owners

Cut costs with a free POS system. Get a free POS system. There are a number of great free POS systems out there, like Oliver POS, which offers a completely free plan with no hidden costs. Oliver POS has all the features a small business needs, like barcode scanning, third-party payments, inventory management, and everything […]
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