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Coming Soon

Here at Oliver, there’s never a dull moment. Our team is always striving to give you a better experience! Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Oliver Points and Rewards
You’ve all been asking for it, and now we’ve got it! Oliver Points and Rewards, the extension you’ve all been waiting for, is just around the corner. Built on top of WooCommerce Points and Rewards, this points management system will help you give points to your customers on your POS system, and redeem them for discounts and rewards. A great tool to build customer loyalty and boost your sales. Stay tuned for its release!

Oliver POS Mobile App
We’re taking Oliver to the next level. The Oliver POS app for iOS and Android is coming soon! In the meantime, Oliver is already compatible with all devices, so you can already use it on your smartphone and tablet. Our new app will make using Oliver on your mobile device even easier than it already is. Keep your eye out for Oliver in the app store!

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