Our commitment to sustainability

At Oliver POS, we’re committed to growing the economy and empowering entrepreneurs by putting the power to manage retail stores back in their hands.

Our mission

Oliver's Corporate Social Responsibility

We founded Oliver POS because we felt a duty to provide our existing clients with a point of sale solution that they could not find in the market. The foundation of our business was and is rooted in our social obligation to help small business owners grow and succeed in a way that works for them, at a price point that works for them.

By providing our adaptable solution to small business owners at an affordable price point, we hope to play a small part in ensuring profitable growth for economies both locally and globally.

Corporate social responsibility is present in every aspect of our business – including our values, practices, work culture, and mission to achieve operational goals while prioritizing sustainability. Centering everything we do around our mission keeps us focused on doing the right things for the natural environment, society, economy, and stakeholders. We hold ourselves accountable for contributing value to anyone who connects with Oliver POS.

Empowering small businesses

We built our business as a solution to a problem – the issue being that small business owners don't have equal opportunities to excel in the same way larger companies are. At Oliver POS, we enable small businesses with the tools they need to thrive at a rate they can afford. We offer our merchants hands-on support and customized solutions because we know how difficult owning and operating your own business can be.

At Oliver POS, we're passionate about helping eCommerce store owners worldwide fulfill their passion and excel in their respective industries.

Employees are our most valuable asset

Our employees are our greatest asset – they contribute to our successes every day, and we value them beyond measure. We encourage our team to express themselves freely and bring their true selves to work every day. Our workplace culture emphasizes a safe, respectful, optimistic, welcoming – and most importantly – fun environment for our team.
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We go above and beyond regarding customer data, security, and privacy of all merchants to Oliver POS. We hold ourselves accountable and strive to be as transparent as possible with all of our stakeholders.
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