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POS Interface
WooCommerce Integration
Performance for cost


Oliver POS is simple to install. Get the plugin from your WordPress plugin library, and sign into your Oliver POS account or register. Launching Oliver POS is as simple as a few clicks. Sign up now and try the demo.
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce offers an equally simple installation. Before you can launch your POS register, you must first add a new station.


Oliver POS has an intuitive screen, with your products organized in a customizable Product Tiles. In addition to core register features, Oliver POS also allows users to process custom fees, discounts and customized tax rates. A huge positive within the Oliver POS system is Oliver Hub; the centralized location to manage settings & staff, view reports + more. Learn more about the hub here. 

• Simple and intuitive
• Customizable product tiles
• Split payments, refunds, and integrated payments
• Inventory management
• Shop settings
• Reports
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce has a clean interface. With customizable product tabs for organization, customizable discounts and prices, and the ability to add new products directly into the register, this POS offers some great functions. However, sales do not complete automatically, and returning to your POS from WooCommerce takes some time. Additionally, products added in the register do not save.

• Clean interface
• Customizable discounts and fees
• New products in the register don’t save
• Functionality could be improved

WooCommerce integration

Oliver POS and WooCommerce stay seamlessly connected. Updates push from online store to Oliver POS instantly, while inventory can be adjusted in the POS register. Oliver also pulls information from your WooCommerceadvanced product types, and your WooCommerce points and rewards.

• Automatically pulls customers, product information including advanced products, and taxes from WooCommerce
• Keeps your POS and online store synced
• Adjust inventory in register
• Advanced product types available
• WooCommerce Points and Rewards
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce syncs to WooCommerce, and also allows users to add new products directly in the POS register. However, these products do not save, or sync to your WooCommerce.

• Pulls customers, products, taxes, and more from WooCommerce
• Stays synced to your WooCommerce store
• Add new products in POS
• New products do not save


Oliver POS’ Free Plan includes detailed sales reports, product reports, payment reports, staff reports, customer reports, and more. Our reporting date range is also completely customizable. Reports with our Pro plan include register reports and location reports. Learn more about reports here.

• Online sales reports, POS sales reports, product reports, tax reports, payment reports, staff reports, customer reports, and more included in free plan
• Annual, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly reports
• Custom date ranges
• Location and register reports included with Pro Plan
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce offers only WooCommerce reports. These include various sales reports, coupon reports, customer reports, tax reports, and more. However, they do not offer any of their own reports.

• Only offers WooCommerce reports


Oliver POS’ offers extensive support, with an expansive Knowledge Base & FAQ, support tickets, and live chat. In addition, their support team is available by phone between 12:30-8:30 GMT, and they offer free demo walkthroughs.

• Free demo walk through
Knowledge Base
Support tickets
Email, live chat, and telephone support
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce offers a built-in support ticket submission in their POS, as well as a conflict test to distinguish whether themes or plugins are causing conflicts. With paid plans, they offer email and chat support.

• Support tickets built into POS
• Conflict test
• Email & chat support available with paid plans


Oliver POS stands out from the competition with it’s adaptability. Our open-source framework is designed to integrate with unlimited Apps to create a completely customizable and personalized point of sale system. Can’t find the right app? Oliver POS allows for custom development, so you can develop your own features. Oliver POS is uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of any shop owner. Learn more about Apps here.

On top of that, Oliver is available in multiple languages and offers a customizable POS screen.

• Custom integration
• App library (coming soon)
• Multiple languages
• Customizable product tiles
• Customizable reports
• Custom discounts, fees, and shipping
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce offers customization in its product tabs, discounts, coupons, and product prices in the register. Additionally, they offer add-ons to supplement their POS.

• Customizable product tabs
• Custom discounts and coupons
• POS add-ons

Performance for cost

Oliver POS offers a Free Plan and no credit card entry required. Oliver POS’ paid subscriptions are affordable and rich with features. Learn more about our pricing here.

• Free plan
• Four plans available
• Plans started at $19/month
Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce offers a free Basic Plan, and more advanced options for a low cost that include unlimited cashiers and managers.

• Free Plan
• Three plans available
• Plans starting at $8/month
• Features are limited

Pricing to fit your store

All plans include unlimted transactions, unlimited customers and unlimited products, as well as live support and a 30 day money-back guarantee.



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when billed annually
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when billed annually
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Customizable plans for enterprise needs are also available. Contact one of our
Oliver Experts to find an option to fit your needs.

Support you can count on

Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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