Managing Customers
Made Easy


Profile Your Customers

Build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers by adding to a detailed WooCommerce customer database.  Establish customer loyalty and encourage retention with our value added features. 100% Synced with WooCommerce.

Store Credit

Keep track of customers store credit within each unique profile.

Store Credit

With Oliver you can give a customer Store Credit for future purchases through refunds, or account balances. Store Credit amounts can be used over multiple payments, or debited all at once. Issuing refunds just got easier.

Quick Add Customers

Easily add customers to your WooCommerce database with the quick add feature.

Quick Add Customers

Add Customers into your WooCommerce Database directly at the Point of Sale. With a few clicks you can add a first time customer into your database, create a relationship and keep them coming back.

Purchase History

Track purchase history for easy returns, refunds and loyalty programs.

Purchase History

Through Oliver's WooCommerce integration, Customer profiles contain past purchase information for previous customers, and begin logging data for new.

Customer Facing Display

Allow customers to follow along with transaction details with our customer facing display. A 15.6″ Full-HD display shows each item as they are added to the transaction, showing subtotals to allow customers understand their purchase with ease, as well as your own promotional materials chosen by you. 

Build Relationships with Your Customers

Show your clientele you care by establishing relationships through the customer database. Consumers are loyal to companies who invest in them. They appreciate any extra added value services that enhance their shopping experience.  By creating a client database you can personalize their interactions to show your appreciation, and turn first-time shoppers into long-term regulars.