Build the future of POS.

Create customized retail expericences using the core elements of Oliver.
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Create new POS experiences for
merchants around the world

Oliver Apps are custom building blocks that are built by developers to extend the POS experience with Oliver. By interfacing with products, customers or sales data, you can create the most adaptable workflow possible.

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Your ideas. Any platform.

An Oliver App can be built using any coding language, any page builder, or an external web page. A simple online form-builder can create a powerful app in minutes.

Any web language

& more

Any page builder

& more
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Rebuilding the retail experience starts with the data

Interact with the core elements of Oliver POS to create custom retail experiences.

Payment type, transaction data, sales amounts + more.
Product type, variation, sales amount, SKU, attributes + more.
Stock, notifications, low stock threshold + more.
Order notes, order details, notifications, shipping details + more
Customer name, customer address, customer notes + more.
Sales information, payment information, customer info + more.
Product data, customer information, shipping information + more.
Transaction data, sales amounts, payment information + more.
Order notes, customer notes, product notes, shipping notes + more.
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Apps can be used at any point in the sales process through a ‘Placement’. Based on the placement, an Oliver App can access and interact with different sales data to create fully customized point of sale experiences.

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Product Details
Activity View
Customer View
Sale Complete
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Build apps for your clients, or upload for anyone, anywhere.

Create custom functionality with a private app, or monetize your creation by uploading to our App Marketplace.

Private Apps

App Marketplace

Get started with our Developer Docs

Guides, tools, reference materials and more to get your started today.

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