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Oliver POS’ inventory management software was designed to help small businesses manage their inventory across multiple channels.
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What is Inventory Management Software?

An inventory management app is a system that tracks your sales, orders, customers, product levels, and other sales activities. It provides sales and product analytics, and lets you know when your stock levels are getting low.

Even more, an ecommerce inventory management software helps your manage both online and in-store inventories.

What Does Inventory Management Do?

An inventory tracking system keeps track of all sales and stock related activities in your store. Every customer, sale, product, and order will be tracked to ensure an accurate overview of your shop’s performance.

Every time you sell a product, whether an order from your online store or a sale in your in-store location, an ecommerce inventory tracking system will update accordingly. The product inventory level will drop across all channels, the sale or order will be added to your customer’s history, and your sales analytics will record the data. Your system will present this data to you in your reports in an overview of your store’s performance.

With your POS tracking all activities across your online and physical store, you can easily stay on top of your stock levels, your best-selling products, your most loyal customers, and more.
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reports and analytics of customers, products, and productivity

How Can Inventory Tracking Help Me?

Inventory management helps you run your shop efficiently and effectively. By tracking your sales activities and your stock levels, you can understand your shop’s performance, and how to improve it.

With Oliver POS’ inventory tracking program, your small business will easily succeed.

The right inventory tracking software helps you:
  • Know when to re-order stock
  • Order the right amount
  • Always sell your stock
  • Know what sells and what doesn't
  • Save hours of time and work

Why Do I Need Inventory Management Software?

Unfortunately, inventory inaccuracies are extremely common among many businesses. But inventory tracking software for small businesses is essential for a successful store.

The right inventory tracking software will keep you from ordering too much of the wrong stock, blocking up your storage spaces, and collecting dead stock you can’t sell.

Inventory tracking programs also help you from ordering too little stock, or ordering stock too late, and missing out on important sales.

Likewise, an ecommerce inventory management software will save you the trouble of spending hours trying to manually update your sales in your online store.

Inventory tracking keeps your sales high and your customer service top notch. Run your business more effectively and efficiently with an ecommerce inventory management software today.
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Why You Need Ecommerce Inventory Management

An ecommerce inventory management software like Oliver POS keeps your online and in-store inventories synced. Whatever you sell, your inventory management software will automatically update the opposite sales platform to keep your inventories matched.

Ecommerce inventory management is the best inventory management for small businesses. Selling both online and in-store is essential for a growing business. An inventory tracking program like Oliver POS’ is essential for smooth and convenient multi-channel sales for all business owners.

Try Oliver POS' Inventory Tracking System

Oliver POS offers a built-in multi-channel inventory tracking system for small business owners like you. No need to integrate with a separate ecommerce inventory management system.

What’s more, our multi-device software lets you access your inventory tracking from any device. That’s including your smartphone or tablet. Sell and manage your stock from anywhere with Oliver POS. Managing your shop has never been so easy.
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An Overview

To summarize, inventory management software helps you keep track of your stock so you can run your business successfully.

Inventory tracking helps you manage your inventory so you can make the most of your budget and storage space. It helps you cut down on costs and unnecessary stock, in turn helping you sell more effectively and provide better customer service.

Inventory management is key to any successful business. Try Oliver POS today, and let our inventory management software help you succeed.

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