What is an Electronic Point of Sale?

An electronic point of sale records all of your business data to help you run a successful store.
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Benefits of an Electronic Point of Sale system

An electronic point of sale system is a web-based solution that keeps track of your business data in real-time. An EPOS will record your sales, payments, stock, cash, and more throughout your daily operations.

With an electronic point of sale, you can stay on top of your operations like never before. Real-time updates, accurate reports, and lightning fast loading speed, electronic point of sales are the future of retail for a reason.

Electronic Point of Sale at Oliver POS

Oliver EPOS electronic point of sale offers everything you need to run your store smoothly and efficiently.

What’s more, Oliver POS keeps your EPOS connected to your online store. Not only do you get real-time updates from your electronic point of sale for in-store sales, but Oliver keeps track of your online sales as well. Stay synced to your online store, and run your omnichannel business with ease.
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Hardware and software in one place

Looking for electronic point of sale hardware? You’re in luck. Oliver POS software is copatible with the devices you already own, but if you’re looking to upgrade your store with something more professional, Oliver POS offers a line of sleek and sturdy electronic POS hardware.


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