Bring your own device

Our cloud-based POS solution is compatible with any device, including the smartphone you already have. Use our iPhone POS or Android POS to sell from your own devices, without the added cost of POS hardware.
bring your own device with our POS software
use our POS system at your pop-up shop

Take your cloud-based POS anywhere

With the freedom of our cloud POS system, use the devices you already own and start selling your WooCommerce products anywhere. Cut down on long lines and bring the checkout directly to your customer, bring your POS to your stockroom for quick inventory checks, or take it to your sidewalk sale or pop-up shop.

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Boost your performance with advanced POS tools

Get access to all of your POS features on the go. Check your inventory, keep up to date with online orders, track your daily sales, and look up customer information from your POS device.
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bring your own device with oliver pos
oliver pos bring your own device

Cut down on costs

Keep your costs at a minimum and bring your own device to operate your small business. Whether you’ve got a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, Oliver POS’ cloud solution will work on anything.
Learn about our web-based POS

A POS system system for any device

Interested in using your own device? Oliver is compatible with whatever you have, so running your shop in-store is easier than ever.

Support you can count on

Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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Try the Oliver POS register for yourself

Sign up for a free Oliver account and try our flexible POS register now.
  • Sell sample products in a demo retail store
  • Connect Oliver POS to your store at any time
  • No credit card required
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