How Oliver POS Works

Getting started with Oliver POS is a simple 3-step process that allows your website to become a fully capable point of sale for WooCommerce in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Install the Oliver POS Plugin

Download and install the Oliver POS Bridge Plugin to your WordPress  to get started.  

Step 2

A bit of Owl Magic

Create your free account with Oliver POS.  Once your account is created customers, products, orders and settings from your WooCommerce shop will be synced to Oliver POS.  Moments later, your shop is fully connected to Oliver POS!   

Step 3

Start Selling

Once your shop is synced with Oliver POS, you can open the Web Register and start selling right away. 

Enjoy a Fully Integrated Experience

Always connected to your WooCommerce Website, Oliver POS allows you to sell your products effortlessly.

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