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Take your brick and mortar store online with Oliver POS’ online point of sale. Sell more in-store and online, stay connected to your shop, and get to know your customers.
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What is an online POS system?

Oliver POS is a point of sale web software that connects your WooCommerce online store to your physical store. Our online POS keeps all online and in-store data on a single platform for the utmost convenience and control when managing your shop.

That means your inventory, sales, orders, customers, staff, and more are always up to date and easily accessible.

Stay connected at all times with an online POS

An online POS like Oliver POS keeps your online and physical store connected at all times. Everything from in-store sales, online orders, customers, products, in-depth reports, and stock levels stay connected in your POS. All your data is stored in one place to make managing your shop as quick and efficient as possible.

Our web point of sale software offers advanced analytics including sale, tax, product, staff, and customer report. Access our in-depth reports and inventory management on the go, and keep customer purchase history on hand at all times for more personalized customer service.

For convenient inventory management, Oliver POS lets you manage your inventory from your POS register. Because your online and in-store inventory are always in-sync, there’s no need to go in and update your WooCommerce inventory after a day of in-store sales.
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Will an online POS system benefit my business?

Oliver’s online POS system has everything you need to run your shop successfully.

Let your customers pay any way, with cash, checks, store credit, points, or any card they want with our payment integrations. Create layaways, split payments, and offer store credit. Oliver doesn’t take any cut of your payments.

Manage your cash, staff, customers, and inventory from your register. Create discounts, and offer bundles and composite products with our Pro advanced product feature.

Available on any device with an internet connection and a web browser, including your Android and iOS tablets and phones, Oliver lets you bring your shop anywhere you go.

Why you should choose Oliver POS

Oliver POS’ online point of sale is a one size fits all software. Whether you’re running a sports equipment store, a clothing store, a cafe, or a grocery store, Oliver POS works for you.

With an open-source framework, our online point of sale is built for customization. Request a feature, or build on to Oliver yourself for a completely personalized POS for your store.

Keep your online and physical stores in-sync, stay connected to your customers, and watch your sales skyrocket with Oliver POS’ integrated point of sale web software.

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We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we offer custom development for any feature you need for your store. Try our demo to get a feel for our POS software online. If you have questions about how Oliver POS can help your business, contact us now and talk to an Oliver expert.
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