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Selling WooCommerce products online and in-store  is easy when your POS system works for you. Oliver offers the best features at the best price.
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Oliver powers stores just like yours

Oliver is currently empowering business owners in 90+ countries.

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Why sell with Oliver?

Oliver POS exists to empower small business owners with the tools available to larger enterprises, at an affordable price point. What’s more, it comes equipped with all the features you need to scale and grow with your small business.
• Inventory management
• Cash management
• ECommerce integration
• Customer profiles
• Integrated payments
Sales reports

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Mobile checkout

Sell on the devices you already own with Oliver POS. Our browser-based point of sale system allows you to sell your retail wares on your phone, tablet, or laptop at pop-up shops, farmers markets, and more. 
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general payments with out POS


We integrate with over 50 payment processors worldwide, so you can get the best payment processing rates for your omnichannel retail store. 
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Take advantage of Oliver's powerful features

Our adaptable WooCommerce POS is as unique as your retail store. 

Intuitive Interface

Oliver POS is easy to navigate and quick to learn.

Sales insights

Take advantage of the insightful reports in our management Hub. 

Remarkable features

Customize your POS using the page builders you already have on your website. 
  • We literally couldn’t do
    our business model on
    any other POS system.
    True Diamond Science
  • The system is simple to use and the support was brilliant.
    The Tack Centre
  • Oliver POS has a robust trade-in credit feature that most other Point of Sale systems don't have.
    Boston Brick Co.

A WooCommerce POS with adaptable features

Self checkout

Give your customers the freedom, convenience, and safety of self-checkout machines at a cost that works for your business. The Oliver Solo and Oliver Solo XL are multi-functional self-checkout units that integrate seamlessly with our WooCommerce POS system.

Our self-checkout machines are perfect for grocery stores and convenience stores, and allow you to give your customers the in-store experience they’re looking for.

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Oliver Apps

Choose from the apps in our App Store to add functionality to your POS, or build your own app as a page in Wordpress and add it to your POS workflow. The possibilities for customization are endless. 
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Support you can count on

Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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Try the Oliver POS register for yourself

Sign up for a free Oliver account and try our flexible POS register now.
  • Sell sample products in a demo retail store
  • Connect Oliver POS to your store at any time
  • No credit card required
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