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Accept payments your way with our adaptable, free WooCommerce point of sale software or our cost-effective and durable point of sale hardware.
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A WooCommerce POS with integrated payments

Oliver POS is partnered with card processors around the globe to offer flexible integrated payment solutions. Our processors offer everything you need to process sales and get paid. With ease of use and a simple setup guided by our partners and support team, you can start collecting payments in no time.

Fully integrated with 50 payment processors in 11 countries.

Oliver POS is powering businesses
just like yours, all over the world.

Trusted by the world's best processors including:

Flexible payment types

Oliver is currently empowering business owners in 90+ countries.
Credit and debit cards
Store Credit
Mobile payments
Gift card
Split payments
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Oliver powers stores just like yours

Oliver is currently empowering business owners in 90+ countries.

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WooCommerce integrated payments

Integrating your point of sale with your payment terminal allows you to take payments quickly and efficiently. Push payments directly from our WooCommerce point of sale to your payment terminal with ease, and give your staff the confidence they need and your customers a quicker checkout experience. Our integrated payments provide a unified and connected point of sale experience for your customers and cashiers.

Accept multiple payment types from anywhere

Use your payment terminal to its full potential by collecting all methods of payments offered by your credit card or payment provider. From mobile payment methods [link to mobile POS] to various credit cards, our software allows you to give your customers flexibility and convenience at the point of sale.
Any currency type
Split payments and display charge
Park sales and layaway
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Sign up for integrated payments

Our payment processing partners can help you get the best rate for credit card processing, fully integrated with Oliver POS. Explore your options at the links below, and you’ll be put in touch directly with the payment experts.
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FAQ about integrated payments

Learn more about integrated payments.

Do I have to use integrated payments?

No, you don’t! You can accept non-integrated credit card payments with Oliver. You just need to enter the transaction amount on the payment terminal as payments won’t automatically be pushed from Oliver POS to the payment terminal.

Does Oliver POS track sales by payment type?

Yes, Oliver POS tracks all sales and specific payment types taken at the point of sale. In Oliver POS reports [link], everything is organized neatly so that you can get the data you need in the timeframe you need it for.

Are integrated payments secure?

Absolutely. Oliver POS and its integrated payments are 100% secure. Oliver POS simply passes the transaction amount to the terminal, where the terminal and payment provider take care of the transaction. The terminal then communicates that the transaction is complete with Oliver POS. You provider and terminal handle the credit card information -- Oliver POS just pushes the values back and forth. It’s simple, safe, and secure.

Which payment terminals do you integrate with?

We integrate with many, many payment terminals, but it depends on your location and processor. We integrate with over 50 payment processors in over 11 countries, with multiple terminals per processors. Set up a call or hop in the live chat; we’ll be happy to help.

I don’t have any hardware that processes payments — how do I get it?

If you’re interested in integrated payments, signing up with one of our integrated payment providers means the provider will send you the hardware directly, so you don’t need to worry about sourcing it yourself. The process is easy — we refer you to the provider, and they get in touch with you.

I already have a payment provider. Do I have to switch?

If you already have a payment provider, reach out to see if we can integrate you with Oliver POS. If we can’t, you can use Oliver POS without integrated payments, or switch to one of our providers above to fully integrate.

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Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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