Sport Store POS

Keep your sporting goods store active with Oliver POS for sports stores.

sport store pos
sporting goods store pos

Seamlessly sell sporting goods online and in-store

Connect your sporting good POS to your online store for smooth omnichannel selling. Oliver POS stays synced to your online sports store, so your inventory, sales, customers, and more are always up to date.

Stay connected to your sports store anywhere you go

Available on the devices you already own, Oliver POS gives you the freedom to bring your sporting good point of sale wherever you go. Sell directly from your smartphone or tablet for a pop-up shop, bring your POS to your warehouse for easy inventory checks, or bring it directly to your customer for convenient checkouts.

pos for sporting good stores
point of sale for sporting good stores

The inventory management your sport store needs

With Oliver’s sport store POS, keep your online and in-store inventories synced at all times, and manage your stock levels directly in your POS register. With our custom product tiles, organize your sporting equipment by sport, category, size, or whatever makes sense for your business.

Reports to boost your sport store's performance

Oliver POS comes equipped with in-depth reports so you can track the performance of your sports store. Get access to sales reports, product reports, customer reports, staff reports, and so much more. Our point of sale for sport stores helps you understand what sells, so you can sell better.

point of sale for sport stores reports
We literally couldn’t do our client’s business model on any other POS system. We considered them partners rather than just a service provider. Oliver POS has provided us genius-level custom solutions for a very complex project. Feature requests are resolved extremely fast. Support is amazing. And best of all, they use the WordPress/Woocommerce system so Oliver POS was naturally able to take advantage of the rest of our infrastructure. This allowed us to keep all of our code and business rules centralized within WordPress.
Mitchell Sholly
True Diamond Science

Sport store POS hardware

Get professional POS hardware for your sports store. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one for your brick and mortar, or a simple barcode scanner, we’re got everything you need.

sport store point of sale

We're here to help your athletic store succeed

Wondering if Oliver is the right sport store POS for you? Our customer success team is here to help you find a solution.