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The WooCommerce plugins you need to increase sales

July 23, 2020

Trying to increase sales? Sometimes, you just need to find the right tools that will do the work for you and make your life easier. If you’re looking for more concrete tips on how to boost sales on your online store, we’ve got a guide for that too. But today, let’s look at the best WooCommerce plugins that help get those conversions up!

If you’ve got an online store and a physical shop, Oliver POS is the plugin for you. Oliver POS lets you sync up both your online store and physical store, and manage everything on a single platform. Your inventory, products, orders, customers, and more automatically updated so you can run your shop seamlessly. On top of that, Oliver POS provides a multitude of in-depth reports for your POS and your online orders. It’s also completely customizable, so you can make it your own. 

How it helps boost sales: Oliver POS lets you sell from your WooCommerce shop in person in a physical shop setting, so automatically you can increase your sales. Oliver POS’s features such as customer history, barcode scanning, integrated payments, and more, help make it a seamless checkout experience. Plus, the variety of reports make it easy to understand your shop’s performance, and your customers, so you can sell better.

Price: Free, as well as paid subscriptions beginning at $19 a month.


The ultimate block builder for WordPress. Design your site like a professional with no coding required – just drag and drop different elements to create your own unique web design. Elementor comes with Add-ons for extra special features.

How it helps boost sales: Elementor makes your site more functional for your visitors, and makes it look more professional, trustworthy, and aesthetically pleasing. The better your site looks and functions, the more likely your visitors will stay!

Price: Free plan, as well as a number of other plans starting at $49/mo for a single site.


Stripe is a must-have payment gateway that lets your customers pay directly on your site, with almost any credit card, including local credit cards. Shoppers don’t need to be taken to an external site or set up any account to make a payment on your site. 

How it helps boost sales: This one is obvious. Stripe makes it so much easier for shoppers to make purchases from you. The easier it is, the more likely shoppers will buy from you. It’s a no-brainer!

Price: Free!

Yoast SEO 

To have a successful online store, you need to make sure search engines can understand your website and direct it to the right people. Yoast SEO makes it easy to boost your Google ranking, so you can get organic traffic flowing right into your online store. Yoast helps you implement keywords, alt text, and breadcrumbs to make your site more search-engine friendly. Yoast automatically gives you feedback on your SEO, and ways to improve it. For more information on how to increase your SEO score, click here.

How it helps boost sales: SEO increases your search engine rankings, so more potential shoppers can find your site. If you ace your SEO, you’ll get the right visitors to your site, and your conversions will be through the roof.

Price: Starts at $69 for a single site.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards 

WooCommerce points and rewards lets your customers collect points every time they purchase items. After so many points, they can trade them in for rewards – usually a discount or a certain amount off their next purchase. 

How it helps boost sales: Having a points and rewards system does two things. First, it rewards the customers that keep coming back, effectively building a strong foundation of loyal customers. Loyal customers, arguably  Another way to incentivise your customers to buy more is to give them rewards the more they spend!

Price: $129 one time payment with a year of updates and support.


The all in one marketing tool for your online store. This one has everything you need – including email marketing, cart abandonment, cross selling, and so much more! Instead of installing multiple plugins to do your marketing tasks, just install beeketing and it does everything. Plus, it comes with extensions if you want even more marketing tools.

How it helps boost sales: Where do we start? All of the services provided by this plugin help to increase your sales. As mentioned, there are tons of plugins out there that do just one of the many features offered by Beeketing. You can save the time and space on your site and install a single plugin that helps with your marketing, reminds potential customers of their abandoned carts, and upsells and cross-sells by recommending more products to shoppers. You can’t go wrong!

Price: Free!

Shipment Tracking

This plugin will help your customers keep track of their online orders. Each of your customers will receive a tracking number in an email, for which they can use to get updates on the progress of their shipment. This gives a professional quality to your online store, and makes shoppers trust you just that little bit extra.

How it helps boost sales: This one might not be immediately obvious, but it still helps boost your sales by increasing customer satisfaction. Customers feel better about their purchase if they can track it’s progress. It removes any anxiety or suspense associated with waiting for their package. If they have a good experience buying from you once, they’re much more likely to purchase from you again!

Price: $49 with one year of updates and support.

Product Zoom

This product will help shoppers get a better look at your products. Hover over the product image, and the product image will zoom in so visitors can see your product up close and in more detail. It seems like an insignificant feature, but being able to get a better look at your online products will definitely help your shoppers get a better sense of the product.

How it helps boost sales: Many shoppers are hesitant to purchase online because they can’t see the products in person, but Product Zoom helps them feel like they’re getting a closer inspection of the product, and help them feel more comfortable to buy it.

Price: Free, and comes with a Pro version starting at $29 for a single site.

WooCommerce Multilingual 

A great option if you’re selling internationally (thinking about it? Here’s our guide!). This plugin translates all of your products and pages, and even offers different currencies, for all of the customers who want to shop in a different language. Expand your reach!

How it helps boost sales: This one is another no-brainer. If you have shoppers who have a different native language than the one your shop offers, then this can be a life-saver. Shoppers are much more comfortable shopping in their own language, and plus, it shows that you are putting the effort in to cater specifically to them. It’s a nice gesture for your customers, and it will make the purchasing process so much easier for them.

Price: Free!

Live Sales Notification

Every time a customer makes a purchase on your online store, this plugin will make a little pop-up or notification to inform the rest of the site visitors that a purchase was just made. 

How it helps boost sales: One of the best ways to enhance sales is to give potential shoppers social proof. If there’s proof that people are buying from you, potential customers will feel more confident about shopping with you. 

Price: Free

Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Analytics are the key to your success. Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking data, and so it only makes sense to have it for your website. This plugin tracks data all over your site, so you understand what pages your visitors are visiting, what pages are most successful, when your visitors check out, and more! It’s the best way to understand the performance of your shop and make informed decisions.

How it helps boost sales: This plugin will keep you informed about your customer behavior, and your shop’s performance. As we mentioned with Oliver POS, insights and reports are one of the most important tools you need to improve your shop. 

Price: Free, with a Pro version for $135.

Booster for WooCommerce

This plugin does it all! It comes with so many useful features, it’s hard to name just a few. Some significant features include name your price options for customers, displaying related and recommended products, bulk price converting, custom WooCommerce carts, and so much more.

How it helps boost sales: This plugin helps accomplish so many different things on your website, from the cart, to the checkout, to the product page, it’s hard to say exactly how it will help increase sales. Overall, it will increase the customization and control of your WooCommerce site, to cater specifically to your shoppers and give them the best shopping experience possible.

Price: Free, with a Plus version at $49.99.


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