Proudly Built Directly into WooCommerce


Never Worry About Syncing Again

Oliver POS is a WordPress Plugin which easily integrates into your WooCommerce Store.  Oliver POS creates a Point of Sale system around the Products you already have online in your WooCommerce store.  One system, all your sales channels.  

Always Up To Date

With one database, your system is always reflecting accurate inventory.  No syncing needed.

One Database

Your online shop and retail store use the same database for seamless integration.  It’s simple.

A Place to Call Home

Using Oliver’s Integrated Point of Sale, You only manage one software:  All Woo, all day.

Built to Sell

Oliver is made to make selling your items in person simpler, and unite with your online store.

One System

Oliver is built on top of WooCommerce, meaning you use one system and one database for operation of your online shop and your in-store Point of Sale system. All of your Stores inventory, customer information, and orders are stored within WooCommerce, the most commonly used e-commerce platform for online business.  This means you need no third party applications to create a Point of Sale system around your already beautiful online shop.


Oliver Plays Well With Ninjas

Our WooCommerce POS is compatible with most extensions built for WooCommerce. A compatible friend to complex online shops, Oliver POS is built directly into WooCommerce for easy installation, and integration .  With Oliver you can use the hundreds of plugins that WooCommerce offers and be confident that you’ll have a POS system.  Do we work with your weird plugin? Just ask!


Built for Business

Our developers carefully designed Oliver POS to be a unique and sophisticated Point of Sale system.  It’s made to simplify sales for pop-up shops, mobile shops and busy retail stores; selling products efficiently and unifying them with your online sales.  

Reviews are Everything.

Read what our customers have to say.  User experience is our number one priority, and we pride ourselves on creating a solution and support that works the right way.

AMAZING and Polished! Don’t Hesitate
AMAZING and Polished! Don’t Hesitate
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An absolutely flawless product!Finally a solution that delivers on everything! Friendly Support staff, Great hardware, fair pricing. Oliver POS where have you been all my life? Please take my money!
Amazing Support and naturally integrated with the rest of our infrastructure
Amazing Support and naturally integrated with the rest of our infrastructure
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We literally couldn’t do our client’s business model on any other POS system. We considered them partners rather than just a service provider.Oliver POS has provided us genius-level custom solutions for a very complex project. Feature requests are resolved extremely fast. Support is amazing.And best of all, they use the WordPress/Woocommerce system so Oliver POS was naturally able to take advantage of the rest of our infrastructure. This allowed us to keep all of our code and business rules centralized within WordPress.
Up and Comer!
Up and Comer!@countyvape
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The team at Oliver are excellent to deal with and have always been open to ideas and finding solutions. Looking forward to where this goes as it just works as you would expect it to and leaves your data in your database and syncs to to there! Super happy with my decision to go with Oliver.
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Oliver is everything we wanted in a POS. No 3rd Party Apps!
Really nice pos plugin for wordpress with excellent support
Really nice pos plugin for wordpress with excellent support
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I can really recommend the plugin Oliver POS for all people who want to manage their receipts over Woocommerce. They have an excellent chat support on their website and the team always wants to help and fix your issues!