The 4 Best WooCommerce POS Systems

We’ve already written a guide for the best free WooCommerce POS systems. If you missed that one, you can read it here. But today, we’re talking about the best POS Systems. Plain and simple. These are the top POS systems for your WooCommerce shop – POS systems that not only seamlessly integrate into your WooCommerce online store, but offer all the necessary features to run your shop effectively, and a little bit extra.

Let’s have a look!

Oliver POS

Oliver POS is a retail POS system built on top of WooCommerce. Oliver POS boasts a fully customizable solution with a plethora of features. Their POS integrates fully with your WooCommerce online store, so your online store syncs in real-time with your POS. They also offer a centralized dashboard with a variety of in-depth reports and analytics, so you can keep track of your online orders, POS sales, product reports, staff reports, and more, all in a single location.They also support barcode scanning, third-party payments, refunds, split payments, and more.

To install Oliver POS, just install the plugin from your WordPress account.


– Fully integrates and syncs to your WooCommerce shop

– Fully customizable register, with custom development and integration with Apps

– Customizable register layout, product categories, receipts, taxes, and more

– Barcode Scanning

– In-depth reports and analytics

– Manage inventory from your pos

-Centralized dashboard to keep track of sales and orders


Price: Free, paid plans starting at $19/mo

Support: Oliver POS offers an in-depth Knowledge Base, FAQ, live-chat, and support tickets. For customers, they offer telephone support.



Hike POS

Hike POS is an omnichannel retail POS, which boasts a centralized platform so everything is in one place and easy to manage. Hike also offers unlimited registers and locations, and can be used offline. To get started with Hike POS, make an account on their site and integrate it with your existing WooCommerce shop.


– Syncs and integrates to your WooCommerce shop

– Customizable taxes, receipts, product categories and more

– Barcode scanning

– Unlimited registers and locations

– Offline mode

– Centralized dashboard

– Refunds

Price: Starts at $59/mo.

Support: Hike offers an extensive Help Center, FAQ, live-chat support, and support tickets.


Lightspeed is a POS system that works with both retail and restaurants. They offer a WooCommerce plugin that integrates your entire WooCommerce shop to your LightSpeed account. Lightspeed offers a fully integrated POS, complete with offline mode, and boasts around the clock support for all users.  To get started with Lightspeed, sign up for an account and purchase their WooCommerce plugin.


-Syncs and integrates into your woocommerce shop

-In-depth reports

-Offline mode

-Manage inventory from your pos


Price: Starting at $149 for a year of support and updates.

Support: Lightspeed offers one-on-one onboarding, and an extensive Help Center.


YITH POS is another POS that is built specifically for WooCommerce, like Oliver POS (if you’re wondering how the two compare, you can read our full comparison here). YITH POS offers a full integration with your WooCommerce shop, even allowing you to update inventory from your POS register. YITH POS also offers in-depth reports, and a variety of add-ons for your Point of Sale. To get started, purchase their plugin from their website and install it into your WooCommerce shop.


-Syncs and Integrates with your WooCommerce shop

-Centralized dashboard to track of sales and orders

-Unlimited cashiers, registers and locations

-In-depth reports

Price: Starting at $189 for a single site.

Support: Offers a Help Centre, live-chat, a contact form, and support tickets.

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