Manage your payments with Oliver POS

We’ve partnered with multiple payment processors globally to bring you the best rates. Our WooCommerce payment processors are secure, reliable, and affordable.
Integrated payment partners
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Flexible payment types

Oliver POS offers:
Credit and debit cards
Store Credit
Mobile payments
Gift card
Split payments
Create your own
Process U.S. payments with FortisPay and Oliver POS

Have a U.S.-based store? Get the best rates with Fortis

Fortis and Oliver POS have partnered to bring U.S. store owners the best payment processing rates, both in-store and online.
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Get the best processing rates for your WooCommerce store

Our payment partners process online and in-store payments in over 50 countries.

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With secure, PCI-compliant payment processing, you can rest easy that your earnings are safe. Our integrations minimize friction, optimize speed, and offer speed and transparency in your payment gateway — no matter the payment method your customers are using.

WooCommerce payments

The best rates

Our multiple payment processing integrations mean we can help you find the best rates for your store. Accept payments from your online store and brick-and-mortar store at affordable rates, and keep your hard-earned profits.
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Streamlined payment acceptance

Integrating your POS with your payment terminal makes transactions simple. Push transactions directly from the POS register to your payment terminal with ease, giving cashiers the stability and quick experience customers want. Integrated payments with Oliver POS provide a unified, connected POS experience for customers and cashiers.
In-store payment processing

Try the Oliver POS register for yourself

Sign up for a free Oliver account and try our flexible POS register now.
  • Sell sample products in a demo retail store
  • Connect Oliver POS to your store at any time
  • No credit card required
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