Payments with Oliver POS


Sell Products Anyway You Want

Everything you need to accept and track payments taken at the Point of Sale.  Give your customers choice with multiple payment solutions for a smooth transaction at your WooCommerce POS. 

Cash Payments

Accept & track Cash payments simply with our integrated cash drawer.

Debit & Credit

Using the Terminal of your choice, accept Credit / Debit payments.

Store Credit

Issue and Track Store Credit for Merchandise returned in-store.

Lay Away

Customers can pay for items over time, and keep track of their progress.

Split Payments

Split in-store orders so they can paid using multiple transactions.

Other Payments

Take another Payment solution in store? Add your own custom payments.


Use Any Provider

There are no restrictions or limitations when it comes to choosing your payment solutions for our WooCommerce POS. Complete customer transactions in store using the payment processor of your choice, giving you the freedom to find the best service provider that works for you.  Not sure about yours? Let’s talk about it.