Best WooCommerce Blogs to Follow in 2021

WordPress and WooCommerce are applauded for their open-source framework and customizability. However, their ability to be customized means they’re a bit trickier to learn how to use. Thankfully, there are a ton of WooCommerce experts out there to help you run your WooCommerce business.

Without further ado, here are the best WooCommerce blogs to follow in 2021. 

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  1. Chris Lema

Chris Lema is one of the greatest experts in the WordPress community. Dedicated to helping developers and business-owners alike, Lema offers a library of various WordPress resources, including the option for private consultation through a phone call.  His articles vary from WooCommerce news, personal insights, to product reviews, and he posts daily. 

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  1. The WooCommerce Blog 

Why not go directly to the source? The official WooCommerce blog offers WooCommerce updates, helpful tutorials on how to manage your WooCommerce store, and other tips on retail and ecommerce. 

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  1. The Business Bloomer 

A comprehensive guide to WooCommerce by Rodolfo Melogli, a civil engineer turned WooCommerce expert. Since 2012, Melogli has been helping people with his WooCommerce knowledge. With weekly blogs and online WooCommerce courses, The Business Bloomer is definitely one to follow. 

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  1. CommerceGurus Blog

Known for their WooCommerce themes, Commerce Gurus also offers in-depth expertise for WordPress and WooCommerce. They touch on a wide range of topics, but their main focus is WordPress.

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  1. Do the Woo 

BobWP is the founder of the “Do the Woo” podcast, where he covers the latest WooCommerce news and interviews other WordPress experts. A WooCommerce expert since 2011, his blog is equally comprehensive with a variety of WooCommerce insights.

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  1. Elegant Themes Blog

A popular creator of WordPress themes, Elegant Themes also serves up some spicy insights into using WordPress. This one is especially great if you use their visual page builder, Divi, as they offer a ton of helpful tutorials for Divi on top of WordPress and WooCommerce. 

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  1. Oliver POS Blog

Oliver POS is a WooCommerce point of sale solution for merchants selling both online and in-store. While their blog is not strictly about WooCommerce, the Oliver POS Blog offers insights into running a WooCommerce store, as well as general eCommerce and in-store retail tips. With a new post every week, it’s definitely one to keep up with if you’re running your own WooCommerce store. Subscribe here!

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