Cash Management

Manage your Money.

Keeping track of your cash flow has never been easier.

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Experiencing inexplicable cash losses?

Oliver POS tracks every penny coming in an out of your shop, so you always know where your cash is.

Struggling to understand your profits?

Cash Management helps you understand profits better then ever, by tracking daily profits sale by sale.

Trying to increase your store sales?

Understand your profits, your losses, and your performance with our WooCommerce POS, to learn how to sell better.

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Track your Transactions.

Our Cash Management System helps you track cash from open to close, and everything in between. With Oliver POS, every cent is accounted for.

Follow Your Cash Flow.

Track every transaction throughout the day, and watch as our WooCommerce POS updates your cash drawer balance in real time with every cash purchase. 

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No More Mistakes.

Cash Management leaves no room for discrepancies. Coming up short? With our system, you’ll know exactly where, when, how, and who. Nothing gets past you anymore.

Manage Better.

Our WooCommerce POS makes managing your shop easy. With in-depth reports, inventory management, integrated payments, and an intuitive register, you’ll be on top of it all.

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Reviews are Everything.

See what our customers have to say.  We’re new on the block, so every review matters.

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