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with Integrated Payments

Partnered with multiple Card Processors, Oliver POS offers flexible integrated payments solutions.

Fully integrated with 50 Processors in 11 Countries

Trusted by the Worlds Best Processors including

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Flexible payment types

Give your customers choice with Oliver POS’s flexible and convenient payments options.  Built to suit your shop.

Credit & Debit Cards

Gift Card

Store Credit

Split Payments



Mobile Payments

Create Your Own

WooCommerce integrated payments

Integrating your Point of Sale with your Payment Terminal makes transactions simple.  Push transactions directly from Oliver POS register to the Payments Terminal with ease, giving cashiers the stability they need and the quick experience customers want. Integrated Payments with Oliver POS Provide a unified, connected Point of Sale experience for customers and cashiers.

pay junction

Streamline your payments with PayJunction

We’ve partnered with PayJunction to provide integrated payment processing for the safe, contactless payments you need in your store. Deliver the smoothest payment experience, maintain social distancing and meet consumer expectations with comfort and convenience.

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All Payment Types, Everywhere.

Use your Terminal to its full potential by collecting payments through any method accepted by your Provider.  From Mobile Payment methods to Varying Credit Cards, give your customers flexibility and convenience at the Point of Sale. 

Sign Up for Integrated Payments

Our Partners at CardConnect can help you with Credit Card Processing which provides fully Integrated Payments with Oliver POS.  

Sign up at the button below and you’ll be put directly in touch with a Payments Expert from CardConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t have to!  You can accept unintegrated credit card payments with Oliver. You’ll just need to enter the transaction amount on the Payment Terminal as payments won’t automatically be pushed from Oliver POS to the Payment Terminal.

Yes, Oliver POS Reports track all sales, and the Specific Payment Type taken at the Point of Sale.  In Oliver POS Reports, everything’s organized neat an tidy so that you can simply get the data you need for whatever length of time you’re looking for.

Absolutely.  Oliver POS and its Integrated Payments Solutions are 100% Secure.  Oliver POS simply passes the transaction amount to the Terminal, where the Terminal and your Provider Take care of the Transaction.  The Terminal then lets Oliver POS know that the Transaction is complete, and the payment is considered complete through Oliver POS.  Your Provider and Terminal handle the CC information, we just push the values back and forth.  It’s simple, safe, and secure!

We integrate with so many that it’s impossible to list, but it first depends on your Location and Processor.  We integrate with over 50 Payment Processors over 11 Countries, with multiple terminals per Processor.  Talk to us via our Live Chat; we’ll be happy to help.

if you’re interested in Integrated Payments, signing up with one of our Integrated Payment Providers means the Provider will send you the hardware directly, so you don’t need to worry about sourcing anything yourself.  It’s super easy, we refer you to the provider, and they get in touch with you.

If you already have a payment provider, check with us and see if we can Integrate you with Oliver POS.  If we can’t integrate together, you can use Oliver POS without integrated payments, or depending on your provider, you can switch to fully integrate your POS.