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with a Mobile POS

Oliver Mobile Point of Sale

Your entire shop in the palm of your hand.


What is a Mobile POS?

A mobile POS system is a point of sale software available on a mobile device, giving you the freedom to bring your checkout wherever you go. Sell from mobile POS devices such as the Oliver Go, or simply install the POS software directly to your own smartphone and start selling.

Oliver POS Register is responsive on all of your mobile devices, including your iPhone, Android, and Google Pixel. Enjoy all the benefits of your Register no matter what device you’re working with.

Do I need a mobile POS?

Mobile POS solutions are the future of retail. 

Make the checkout experience faster, easier, and more convenient for yourself and your customers. Up your customer service by bringing the checkout directly to your customer, and cut down on long lines.

Check customer information, inventory, or sales reports on the sales floor, in the warehouse, or anywhere else you go.

Whether you’re selling from a pop-up shop, a roadshow, a farmer’s market, or on the floor of your storefront, a mobile POS is the way to go. 

Get the best mobile POS for you & your business

Say goodbye to clunky, on-site hardware. With a mobile POS solution, keep your information secure and in the cloud. Stay connected to your store data no matter where you are.  Manage your business with Oliver POS mobile point of sale, and see how easy it is to succeed.

Oliver POS helps you with your new mobile POS

Have questions about mobile point of sale systems? Want to try it out before committing? Our support team is here for you. Reach out to our customer success team and they’ll walk you through a demo of our POS and everything you need to know about our mobile POS software.

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