Retail customer management and loyalty incentives

Get to know all of your customers, and sell them what they need, when they need it.
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A POS software with a customer database

Track your WooCommerce and in-person customers in a single database. 

customer reports and inventory management

Build a customer database

Add new customers in real-time, directly at the point of sale. Save customer information seamlessly at the checkout and build your customer database.
  • Create customer profiles
  • Search customers
  • View transaction and receipt history
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Increase your revenue by selling smarter

If you know what your retail customers are looking for, you can nurture long-lasting relationships with them by tracking and understanding past purchases. Having one central customer list for your in-person and eCommerce store means your purchase history will consistently be in sync, just like our WooCommerce POS system. By leveraging data like who’s visiting your store, loyalty, repeat purchases, and more, you can use Oliver POS to increase your business revenue.
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Export customer data

The Oliver POS Hub allows you to export customer data based on dimensions like date entered, transaction history, and more, so you can create unique omnichannel marketing experiences that suit them. Optimize your retail customer’s experience with our easy-to-use tools.
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  • We literally couldn’t do
    our business model on
    any other POS system.
    True Diamond Science
  • The system is simple to use and the support was brilliant.
    The Tack Centre
  • Oliver POS has a robust trade-in credit feature that most other Point of Sale systems don't have.
    Boston Brick Co.

Why choose Oliver POS?

Real-time customer syncing

Add new customers at the point of sale in real time for a seamless customer experience.

Access data 24/7

Access your customer data on the devices you already own with our browser-based WooCommerce POS.

Centralized customer management

Knowing your top customers can help you inform your business operations. Manage them all from The Hub.

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  • Sell sample products in a demo retail store
  • Connect Oliver POS to your store at any time
  • No credit card required
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