The Oliver Scanner


A multi-purpose scanner that meets all of your store’s needs.

Its superior functionality combined with an aesthetic appearance ensures that it fits right into any store’s decor.

Fitted with a high-performance CMOS imaging chip and a soft white fill light that complements its red focus beam, the Oliver Scanner can quickly capture bar codes on mobile screens and paper even in a poorly lit environment.

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Scanning made simple with the Oliver Scanner

Professional, practical, and precise, the Oliver Scanner is your best business partner.
oliver scanner scans QR codes
front of the oliver scanner

Scan with precision

Our advanced image decoding algorithm allows the Oliver Scanner to decode distorted, wrinkled, broken, or dimly lit barcodes. It’s high-performing CMOS imaging chip and dual lights ensure perfect focus and speed, so you can process as many transactions as quickly as possible.

Designed to be durable

The Oliver Scanner can survive a 4 foot drop without suffering any damage, and its anti-skid exterior coating helps to prevent any accidental drops. Professional and practical, the Oliver Scanner was built to last a lifetime, so you don’t need to worry about your equipment – just focus on what’s important.
back of the oliver scanner

Let's talk specs

Image decoding

CMOS image sensing

Perfect precision

>3 mm reading precision

From all angles

EAN13 (13mil) 55mm-300mm & QR code (15mil) 35mm-190mm

Support you can count on

Our customer success team is happy to answer any questions you have, or walk you through a live tour of our software.
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