The 4 Best FREE POS Systems for WooCommerce

Looking for a great POS system for your WooCommerce online store, but unwilling or unable to spend a lot? A lot of POS software are expensive. Some may offer a limited free trial, but with only fourteen days, that simply won’t cut it. But don’t worry–we’ve got your back. Here are 4 of the best WooCommerce POS systems that you can get completely free.

  1. Oliver POS

    One of the best free WooCommerce POS systems is Oliver POS. It’s a web-based POS plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce and can be installed on WordPress. Oliver offers a free plan that includes unlimited transactions, customers, and products, with custom reports and a customizable register. It also fully integrates your WooCommerce inventory into your POS register, so no manual syncing. Additionally, the support team is available around the clock, even for free users! With a simple interface and so many features, you can’t go wrong with Oliver.


    -Unlimited customers, transactions, and products
    -Custom reports
    -Customizable register
    -Fully integrates your WooCommerce inventory with your POS register
    -Support around the clock
    -Simple Interface

  2. WePOS

    WePOS is a free POS plugin for WooCommerce based on Rest API. It offers unlimited products and customers and is highly customizable. It even includes tax calculation! Its claim to fame is speediness, with a simple interface and shortcut keys to speed up the process. It also conveniently allows both admin and shop manager to handle POS orders.


    -Unlimited products and customers
    -Highly customizable register
    -Both admin and shop manager can carry out orders
    -Simple Interface
    -Shortcut keys for speedy process

  3. Square

    Square is the best free POS app for your device. It accepts multiple payment methods, offers sales reports, and allows the shopowner to manage customer information and product inventory easily, and even sends digital receipts. They also offer customer support over phone and email. One small catch– for every payment with major credit cards, it will cost 2.65% of the payment, and a 10 cent free per interac chip with PIN or tap. Not quite free, but a very small cost.


    -Multiple payment methods
    -Sale reports
    -Manage customer info and product inventory easily on POS
    -Sends digital receipts
    -E-mail and phone support

  4. WooCommerce POS

    Another one of the best WooCommerce POS systems is WooCommerce POS, a plugin you can install directly into your online shop. This plugin offers barcode scanning, lets you control taxes, shipping rates, and other fees, and lets you easily edit your product titles and prices. Customers can also search for products, making their shopping experience quick and easy!


    -Barcode scanning
    -Control taxes, shipping rates, and other fees
    -Easily edit product titles and prices
    -Product search for customer use

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