Oliver POS Register

An Uncluttered and Intuitive WooCommerce POS System.
Built for Speed.

WooCommerce Point of Sale Register

Organization Without the Effort.

The Oliver WooCommerce POS Register has a clean and simple design that’s easy to understand and quick to learn. Stay organized with our user-friendly interface.

WooCommerce Point of Sale Register

Manage Everything.

Keep track of your WooCommerce Store, including your WooCommerce Orders, Inventory, Customers and more all from the Oliver POS Register. Store management has never been so easy.

woocommerce point of sale register
pos solutions payment processor

Accept Anything.

Complete transactions easily using the Registers customizable payment methods.  Integrate your payment processing terminal with Oliver POS for a fully connected experience.

Customize Everything.

The Oliver WooCommerce POS Register can be completely customized. Organize and set up your Oliver POS Register the way you like it. Create a unique checkout experience for users and customers alike.

point of sale software

Reviews are Everything.

See what our customers have to say.  We’re new on the block, so every review matters.

Making WooCommerce Work.

Fully connected to your Online WooCommerce Store, Oliver POS syncs in real time to your WooCommerce Orders, Inventory, Customers, and more. Sell online and offline, with ease. 


Easy to use

Products, product categories, customers and more easy accessible through the Web Register

Everything in one place.



Give customers choice and accept the payment methods you want with the customizable payments tab

Custom Payment Types



See all available variations of products, along with their unique product details such as stock information per variation.

Advanced Product Views



Browse and track sales information for in-store and online sales using Activity View's smart interface.

Keep track of every sale

Just one last thing..

Our WooCommerce Point of Sale Register works on any platform with a web browser.


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